Nova Scotia Seafood Export Directory

To source Nova Scotia Seafood, please use our Seafood Export Directory here: searchable by company name, product, or export market.

Tangier Lobster Company Limited
PO Box 613 Yarmouth B5A 4B6
(902) 772-2130
Products: Frozen Lobster
The Fish Basket (2013) Ltd.
108 Crestwood Place, Dartmouth, B2V 2P5
Products: Bigeye Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Herring, Halibut, Jonah Crab, Mackerel, Mako Shark, Oysters, Periwinkle, Snow Crab, Swordfish, Sea Cucumber, Yellowfin Tuna
Tidal Organics Incorporated
2433 Hwy 3 Pubnico B0W 2A0, PO Box 868, Yarmouth B5A 4K5
(902) 425-2018
Products: Marine Plants
Transformation Seafoods Inc.
PO Box 613 Yarmouth B5A 4B6
(902) 742-0070
True World Foods Inc of Canada
RR2, 40 Goodick Road Shelburne B0T 1W0
(902) 875-2310
Products: Albacore Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Cod, Halibut, Live Lobster, Monkfish, Yellowfin Tuna
Twin Seafood Limited
6689 Hwy 3 Woods Harbour B0W 2E0, 161 Woods Harbour, Shelburne Co. B0W 2E0
(902) 723-9003
Products: Live Lobster