Our Nova Scotia Seafood Brand

It’s easy to get caught up in a place like Nova Scotia. Where the water is cold and clean. The people, warm and friendly. The sea has sustained us for generations, and so naturally we feel responsible for sustaining it too. It is woven into our history. Our culture. Our future. You can taste our values in every bite. It’s the taste of quality. The taste of the unspoiled Atlantic. The taste of Nova Scotia Seafood. Pure.

Nova Scotia Seafood Brand

The Nova Scotia Seafood Brand promotes Nova Scotia Seafood in key international markets such as Asia, Europe, and the United States. The brand is designed to raise the value and awareness of Nova Scotia Seafood through retail and food service promotions, marketing collateral, in-bound missions for member of the overseas trade and press, trade shows, out-bound trade missions, and advertising. For additional information on Nova Scotia Seafood industry and more, continue here.

Nova Scotia Seafood Directory

From our world famous Canadian hard-shelled lobster and coldwater shrimp, to snow crab, scallops, white fish and sea cucumber, Nova Scotia Seafood is harvested from the cold, clean, and pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. PURE. Browse or download our seafood directory.

For general inquires on the Nova Scotia Seafood brand, please contact us at info@nsseafood.com.