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Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program

Are you a Nova Scotia seafood exporter interested in becoming a Nova Scotia Seafood Ambassador?

In partnership with Perennia and Université Sainte-Anne, Nova Scotia Seafood is thrilled to launch the Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program (NSSQP) for Nova Scotia live and frozen lobster and oysters. Criteria for other top exported species are being developed. Ambassadors will be required to meet a defined set of administrative and product criteria which seeks to guarantee that premium offerings are represented under the Nova Scotia Seafood brand. Companies must comply with applicable regulatory requirements and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement through quality assurance documentation.

Nova Scotia's Bill and Stanley Oyster Company has become the first supplier to complete the process and receive approval from Nova Scotia Seafood to use its trademark, adding credibility to the company's existing brand.

Here is what they had to say about the program!

“Nova Scotia has built an international reputation for having some of the highest quality seafood available in the world. This reputation has taken years to build. Oysters were not a product that was previously available in commercial quantities for export. Now, through advancements in aquaculture, we do have these quantities available – our oysters are of high quality and marketing with this trademark will assist our company to gain worldwide recognition for another top-quality Nova Scotia seafood product. The additional quality assurances offered by this trademark will give us a solid foundation to export a superior consistent quality oysters to destinations throughout the world."

For more information on the program, contact us.

To learn more about the program, do a self assessment, or to apply, please visit the links below.