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Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program

Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program

For global wholesale seafood buyers looking for premium seafood, look no further than Nova Scotia Seafood 

The Nova Scotia Seafood Quality Program (NSSQP) is a set of quality standards that meet or exceed the very best globally recognized standards around seafood quality, sustainability, and traceability for each of the brand species. Launched in Summer 2021, the NSSQP was developed to promote high quality standards within the Nova Scotia seafood supply chain and to enhance Nova Scotia Seafood's international reputation for premium quality seafood.

Unlike specific global food safety or certification schemes, the NSSQP is a comprehensive scheme that combines elements of food safety, seafood quality, sustainability, and traceability into one comprehensive certification. For some species, it is the only certification scheme which explicitly incorporates product sampling, product inspection, and evaluation as a central requirement under the certification.

NSSQP is YOUR indicator of premium quality seafood products

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